South Valley Quilt Show – Aug. 13, 2016

 2016 Show results are in!   Click on the ‘Results’ tab, above, to see the list.

Welcome to our page.

The Stitch-n-Time Quilters are a small group of women who live and stitch in the southern end of the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana.   Our homes are surrounded by nature’s finest vistas and we weave that beauty into our lives and our quilting projects.

We sew together, enjoy each other’s company and work to make our rural community better through information sharing, focus on local businesses and activities, charity projects, and working to produce a great Quilt Show every two years.

We invite you to explore our page and check us out on Facebook. We’d love to meet you at the Show and to have you share on Facebook.


15 thoughts on “South Valley Quilt Show – Aug. 13, 2016

  1. Such a great group of gals. Very hard working and they put on a great quilt show. Always thinking about ways to help others in the Darby area as well as other states.

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  2. Hey Darby Quilt Girls ( Stitch N Time quilt group) what a bunch of great friends you all are. Thanks for encouraging me to become a better quilter with each gathering!


  3. Hi Pat and thanks for coming to the page. I think you might have meant “entry form”, not entertainment. If I click on Quilt Show in the drop down menu, and then click on entry, a page shows up with the quilt categories and, there’s a link to the pdf form for the actual entry forms. Perhaps you cannot open a pdf? We will have entry forms at the Guild meeting tonight and very soon they will be at Patchworks, as well. I’m so sorry this did not work for you.


  4. If anyone has missed this special event in the past, you’d better start making sure it’s on your calendar. This show is an exhibit of the amazing talents in the South Valley. It is sponsored and organized by a small group of Darby women. But the results are NOT small. This show rivals those put on by much, much larger communities. Additionally, in the past, they have had live music to add to the viewers’ enjoyment. I wish I could be there!



  5. Thank you for such glowing words, Ellie. It won’t be the same without your smiling face at the show. But you’re right, this is a wonderful show in a beautiful location – and this year we’ll have a grand vendor area outside – we’re filling up with fabric and pattern vendors, as well as crafters/artists, too. And indoors, the group will have a boutique of our handmade items. You know, flights to Missoula are more readily available than before!


  6. Question regarding upcoming show : The application says ‘all vendors will be on asphalt’. So we are all located out in the parking lot……or will the non-food vendors be inside?


  7. Thanks for the question, Tammy. All vendors will be outside to allow maximum space for quilts indoors. The vendor spaces are filling up and what’s now available are the six spaces directly behind the clubhouse. Good news here is that those spaces will receive afternoon shade. Interested or want to talk about possibilities? I’d encourage you to call Deb Crutcher, the woman in charge of vendors, at 821-2260. Hope you’ll be joining us!


  8. As of today there are only 2 vendor spaces left. If you have been thinking about it the deadline is approaching fast.


  9. Quilt entry deadline extended to July 22! Check out the 11 categories under the ‘Enter a Quilt’ tab and you can find the entry form there, too. Maybe the extension gives you time to whip up a table runner, purse or ‘hoop it up’ entry too!


  10. I’m so sorry for the error.I believe the error is corrected and you’ll be able to see the Results tab and find the actual results. Ah, we’re quilters, not web masters and it’s yet one more technique to learn! Thanks for the message and for your patience.


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